About us

Gökova Geometry Topology Institute (GGTI) is founded in Akyaka/Turkey on the 25th anniversary of GGT Conferences. It is built by individual contributions and sacrifices. It is hoped that in the future it can expand its funding base so as to run as a healthy mathematics institute, by hosting many interesting programs. GGTI building is built by the proprietor Hamdi Yücel Gürsoy of the Yücelen Group, who has been a supporter of GGT conferences from the beginning. The building is built in the special Akyaka style architecture.

Our location

Directions to the institute

The institute is in Akyaka/Gökova which is small town in Mugla. The nearest and most convenient airport is Dalaman International Airport (DLM) located approximately 70 km away from the institute (plan on about 50-minute drive between airport and GGTI). One can fly to DLM via İstanbul, there are even direct flights from some European cities.

Getting to GGTI from the Dalaman International Airport (DLM):

The 50-minute journey can be easily made using the frequent airport bus goes to the Mugla direction (for instance HAVAS-costs you around $15) or by taxi costs around $40. If you come by bus, get out at Dortyol junction near Gokova, which is the crossroad of Mugla -Marmaris-Dalaman-Gokova/Akyaka. The institute is 2 km away from Dortyol. You can find a taxi at least until midnight to the institute.

Getting to GGTI from the Bodrum International Airport (BJV):

(BJV) is 120 km (about 80-90 minutes drive) away from the GGTI. The only direct transportation from the BJV to the GGTI is a taxi. Taxi would cost around $80. If you arrive to the airport in the day time there is also airport bus services for instance MUTAS goes from BJV to the Mugla city bus terminal. From the Mugla bus terminal there are minibuses goes to the Akyaka/Gokova. Akyaka/Gokova town center 2 km away from the institute so one can find a taxi to reach to GGTI.

If you are coming from Izmir, Istanbul, Aydin, or Denizli you should take a bus going to any of the directions : Marmaris, Fethiye, Koycegiz, Dalaman, or Datca.

If you are coming from the south (e.g. Antalya) you should take a bus which goes to Izmir.

Distance to Gokova from some of the major cities in Turkey (1.6 km = 1 mile)


İzmir 245 km
Aydın 120 km
Muğla 22 km
Dalaman 77 km
Ankara 646 km
İstanbul 813 km
Denizli 172 km
Antalya 316 km