Published in Journal of Gökova Geometry Topology, Volume 10 (2016)
Title Comparing star surgery to rational blow-down
Author Laura Starkston
We compare the star surgery operations introduced in [KS] to the generalized rational blow-down. We show that star surgery shares the properties that make rational blow-down useful for constructions of small exotic symplectic 4-manifolds. Then we show that star surgery operations provide a strictly more general class of operations by proving that there is an infinite family of star surgeries which are inequivalent to any sequence of generalized symplectic rational blow-downs. This answers a question posed to the author by Özbağcı. It also demonstrates that the monodromy substitutions coming from star surgery operations yield relations in planar mapping class monoids which cannot be positively generated by the relations determined in [EMV] which come from the generalized rational blow-downs.
Keywords symplectic, rational blow-down, exotic, 4-manifold
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Submitted: Feb 22, 2016
Accepted: Oct 18, 2016
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