Proceedings of Gökova Geometry-Topology Conference 2012

Table of Contents
Cagatay Kutluhan

Lectures on the equivalence of Heegaard Floer and Seiberg-Witten Floer homologies
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Jonathan M. Bloom

The combinatorics of Morse theory with boundary
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Naichung Conan Leung, Xiaowei Wang and Ke Zhu

Instantons in G2 manifolds from J-holomorphic curves in coassociative submanifolds
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Mustafa Kalafat

Locally conformally flat and self-dual structures on simple 4-manifolds
Details ]
Ali Deniz, Sahin Koçak, Yunus Özdemir, and Adem Ersin Üreyen

Tube formula for self-similar fractals with non-Steiner-like generators
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Daniel Selahi Durusoy

Crowell's state space is connected
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ISBN 978-1-57146-270-1 (Hardcopy)

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