Proceedings of Gökova Geometry-Topology Conference 2013

Table of Contents
Tobias Ekholm

Notes on topological strings and knot contact homology
Details ]
Ilya Tyomkin

An example of a reducible Severi variety
Details ]
Mahir Bilen Can and Roger Howe

Branching through G2
Details ]
Adam Simon Levine and Daniel Ruberman

Generalized Heegaard Floer correction terms
Details ]
Akram S. Alishahi and Eaman Eftekhary

On the construction of the sutured Floer complex
Details ]
Dmitri Panov and Anton Petrunin

The telescopic construction: a microsurvey
Details ]
Baris Coskunuzer

Asymptotic Plateau problem: a survey
Details ]
Antonio Lerario

Plenty of Morse functions by perturbing with sums of squares
Details ]
ISBN 978-1-57146-285-5 (Hardcopy)

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