Gökova is on the south west coast of Turkey. These images are a courtesy of NASA Visible Earth.

map showing the location of Gokova

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map showing the location of Mugla, Dalaman, Antalya

Travel and local info

The conference is held in Akyaka / Gökova. The nearest airport is in Dalaman. The information below should give you an idea about how to reach Gokova. You should still check for accuracy.

By Plane :
Apart from THY (Turkish Airlines) and major European airlines, Delta, Northwest-KLM service Turkey. There are direct flights from either USA or Europe. If you come by plane the closest airport is DALAMAN airport (One can fly to Dalaman via Istanbul, there are even direct flights to Dalaman from some European cities).

From Dalaman airport you can take any bus going to Akyaka-Dortyol - for example THY (Turkish Airlines) bus to Marmaris (this bus is called HAVAS) - and proceed as below.

Also if you let us know your arrival time in advance the hotel personnel will meet you at the airport. If you fly to Izmir or Istanbul and want to go to Dalaman by bus, you can proceed as below.

By Bus :
If you come by bus, get out at DÖRTYOL junction near Gokova, which is the crossroad of MUGLA-MARMARIS-DALAMAN-GOKOVA/AKYAKA. It is best to tell the bus driver to let you out at this junction when boarding the bus. The hotel is 4 km. away from DORTYOL. You can find a taxi at least until midnight to Hotel Yucelen. You can also call Hotel Yucelen to arrange a ride.

(a) If you are coming from IZMIR, ISTANBUL, AYDIN, or DENIZLI you should take a bus going to any of the directions : MARMARIS, FETHIYE, KOYCEGIZ, DALAMAN, or DATCA

(b) If you are coming from the south (e.g. ANTALYA) you should take the bus which goes to IZMIR.

Distance to Gokova from some of the major cities in Turkey (1.6 km = 1 mile)
Izmir245 km
Aydin120 km
Mugla22 km
Dalaman77 km
Ankara646 km
Istanbul813 km
Denizli172 km
Antalya316 km

If you want to stop over in Istanbul and stay overnight, the following is a sample list of links to hotels. (the following is the result of random search)

In case you are flying THY (Turkish Airlines) you may find more information from their flight magazine Skylife

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