Published in Journal of Gökova Geometry Topology, Volume 9 (2015)
Title A plug with infinite order and some exotic 4-manifolds
Author Motoo Tange
It is known that a closed, orientable, simply-connected 4-dimensional manifold X' which is an exotic copy of X can be obtained by removing a submanifold C (called a cork) of X and regluing C back. We can assume that C is contractible and the gluing map is an involution. In this paper we define corks and plugs with order p greater than or equal to 2 and we show a plug (P,φ) with infinite order which produces "a crossing change" of Fintushel-Stern's knot surgery where (P2) is a (generalized) cork with infinite order.
Keywords 4-manifold, exotic structure, cork, plug, Fintushel-Stern's knot-surgery
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Submitted: Mar 16, 2014
Accepted: Sep 7, 2015
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