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May 27 - June 1 (1996)
Gökova, Turkey

Invited speakers
M. Atiyah      R. Kirby       R. Bott      T. Mrowka
R.H. Dijkgraaf       O. Viro       J. Morgan      M. Furuta
J. Bryan      Z. Szabo      R. Matveyev      G. Mikhalkin
S. Finashin      T. Draghici           

Scientific Committee : G.Tian, R.Stern, C. Vafa, R.Kirby, S.Akbulut

Organizing Commitee : T. Onder, T. Dereli, S. Kocak, S. Finashin

This conference is sponsored by International Symposium Program of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Council).

List of talks:
Michael F. Atiyah 2-dimensional quantum field theories
Duality in geometry and physics
Robbert Dijkgraaf Duality in gauge theory
Duality in string theory
Mikio Furuta 11/8-conjecture and monopole equations
Jim Bryan Rank stabilized instantons
Zoltan Szabo Gluing formulas for Seiberg-Witten invariants
Raoul Bott Physics and topology
Tom Mrowka Floer homology for Seiberg-Witten equation
Contact structures and monoples
Oleg Viro Vassiliev invariants and configuration spaces
Tekin Dereli Generalized self duality
Selman Akbulut Shake sliceness fake 4-manifolds as an application of adjunction inequality
Sergey Finashin Quotients of complex surfaces under complex conjugation
Grigory Mikhalkin Whitney formula in higher dimensions
Rostislav Matveyev Topology of CP2 and symplectic geometry
John W. Morgan Solving the Seiberg-Witten equations on algebraic surfaces and symplectic 4-manifolds

The participants of 5th Gökova Geometry - Topology Conference

Table of contents of the proceedings
published by International Press

  1. An Introduction to Topological Quantum Field Theories
    Michael Atiyah
  2. Critical Point Theory in Mathematics and in Mathematical Physics
    Raoul Bott
  3. Exotic Structures and Adjunction Inequality
    Selman Akbulut & Rostislav Matveyev
  4. Seiberg-Witten a la Furuta and Genus Bounds for Classes with Divisibility
    Jim Bryan
  5. Casson's Invariant and Seiberg-Witten Gauge Theory
    Weimin Chen
  6. Seiberg-Witten Invariants when Reversing Orientation
    Tedi Draghici
  7. Seiberg-Witten Equations on R^8
    Ayse Humeyra Bilge, Tekin Dereli, and Sahin Kocak
  8. A Lower Bound of the First Eigenvalue of Certain Self-Adjoint Elliptic Operators on Manifolds Containing Long Necks
    Weimin Chen
  9. Algorithms to Disprove the Poincare Conjecture
    Colin Rourke
  10. Kirby Calculus in Manifolds with Boundary
    Justin Roberts
  11. Complex Conjugation Equivariant Topology of Complex Surfaces
    Sergey Finashin
  12. A (-86)-Sphere in the K3 Surface
    Sergey Finashin, Grigory Mikhalkin
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