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May 28 - June 2 (2001)
Gökova, Turkey

Invited speakers

P. Seidel      W.-P. Li1      W.-P. Li2
P. Ozsvath      J. Bryan      R. Matveyev
B. Ozbagci      G. Mikhalkin      A. Stipsicz
V. Kharlamov      D. Auckly      T.-J. Li
I. Itenberg      A. Petrunin     
1: from Hong Kong, 2: from Oklahoma State Univ.

Scientific Committee : G.Tian, R.Stern, C. Vafa, R.Kirby, S.Akbulut

Organizing Commitee : T. Onder, T. Dereli, S. Kocak, S. Finashin

This conference is sponsored by International Symposium Program of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Council).

List of talks:
Jim Bryan Surface bundles over surfaces of small genus
Paul Seidel An exact sequence in symplectic Floer homology
Wei-Ping Li Generators of cohomology rings of Hilbert schemes of points on a projective surface
Weiping Li Semi-infinity of the symplectic Floer cohomology
Peter Ozsvath Holomorphic disks and topological invariants for 3 and 4-manifolds (mini course)
Tian-Jun Li Moduli space of symplectic forms on 4-manifolds with b+=1
Anton Petrunin Finiteness and compactness theorems
David Auckly Limits of Riemannian metrics and topological manifolds
Abstract: There are various finitness results proved in comparison geometry. Gromov's compactness theorem is one that states that the collection of manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded from below, and diameter bounded from above is precompact in a suitable topology. One consequence of this is that there are only finitely many homeomorphism types represented in this class. Since this space is only precompact, it is natural to study limits in this space. The limiting objects are examples of Alexandrov spaces. In this talk, I'll describe work in progress (joint with V. Kapovitch) about the structure of these spaces. In particular, it appears that it may be possible to use gauge theory to say something aboutcertain Alexandrov spaces.
Mustafa Korkmaz Commutators in mapping class group
Tolga Etgu Symplectic structures on M3xS1
Burak Ozbagci Explicit Lefschetz fibrations over some compact Stein surfaces
Viatcheslav Kharlamov   Real structures on complex surfaces and applications
Ilia Itenberg Maximal real algebraic hypersurfaces of projective space
Jean-Yves Welschinger Real flexible curves of ruled surfaces over CP1
Ana Cannas da Silva Folded symplectic manifolds
Grigory Mikhalkin Maximal algebraic hypersurfaces
Slava Matveyev Stein fillability of contact 3-manifolds
Peter Sepanski A Seiberg-Witten gluing formula
Andras Stipsicz Gauge theory and Stein fillings

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