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May 25 - 30 (1998)
Gökova, Turkey

Invited speakers
R. Kirby      R. Stern       Y. Eliashberg       S. Cappell
C. Gordon       G. Tian       M. Scharlemann       R. Fintushel
R. Gompf       P. Melvin       W.B.R. Lickorish       Y. Ruan
D. Salamon       T. Mrowka       Z. Szabo       H. King
F. Lalonde       J. Morgan       P. Ozsvath      P. Lisca
G. Mikhalkin       J-C Sikorav      E-N Ionel      C. Viterbo
R. Matveyev       P. Feehan      A. Stipsicz      D. Ruberman
C. Rourke      M. Fraser      G. Matic     

Scientific Committee : G.Tian, R.Stern, C. Vafa, R.Kirby, S.Akbulut

Organizing Commitee : T. Onder, T. Dereli, S. Kocak, S. Finashin

This conference is sponsored by International Symposium Program of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Council).

List of talks:
Paul Melvin Analyticity of quantum invariants and Reidemeister torsion
Zoltan Szabo Higher type adjunction inequalities in Seiberg-Witten theory
Cameron Gordon Simple 3-manifolds and Dehn surgery
Yongbin Ruan Quantum cohomology, birational geometry and classification of symplectic manifolds
Claude Viterbo Real algebraic geometry and symplectic topology
John W. Morgan Holomorphic G-bundles over 2-torus and commuting pairs of elements
Henry King Planar linkages and real algebraic sets
Eleny-Nicoletta Ionel Application of the fibered sum formula for Gromov-Witten invariants
Martin Scharlemann The structure of a solvmanifold's Heegaard splitting
W. B. Raymond Lickorish Genus two mutation of links
Andras Stipsicz Simply connected symplectic 4-manifolds with positive signature
Peter Ozsvath The minimal genus problem in symplectic 4-manifolds
Francois Lalonde Rigidity and cohomological splitness of Hamiltonian fibrations: a generalisation of Deligne and Kirwan-Ginzburg theorems
Dietmar Salamon Seiberg Witten equations and symplectic fixed points
Jean-Claude Sikorav Isotopy of symplectic surfaces
Paolo Lisca Symplectic fillings and positive scalar curvature
Daniel Ruberman Isotopy and diffeomorphisms and of 4-manifolds
Tom Mrowka Monopoles and representations
Gang Tian Quasi-homomorphic fibrations of genus 2
Sylvain E. Cappell Homology of moduli spaces and invariants of 3-manifolds
Yakov M. Eliashberg Algebraic constructions arising from contact geometry
Robion Kirby Fun with calculus

The participants of 6th Gökova Geometry - Topology Conference

Table of contents of the proceedings
published by International Press

  1. The structure of a solvmanifold's Heegaard splittings
    Daryl Cooper and Martin Scharlemann
  2. A Fake Cusp and a Fishtail
    Selman Akbulut
  3. Planar Linkages and Algebraic Sets
    Henry C. King
  4. A new approach to immersion theory
    Colin Rourke and Brian Sanderson
  5. A program to search for homotopy 3-spheres
    Michael Greene and Colin Rourke
  6. Canonical framings for 3-manifolds
    Rob Kirby and Paul Melvin
  7. Seiberg-Witten invariants of mapping tori, symplectic fixed points, and Lefschetz numbers
    Dietmar A. Salamon
  8. Simply connected symplectic 4-manifolds with positive signature
    Andras I Stipsicz
  9. On symplectic fillings of 3-manifolds
    Paolo Lisca
  10. Virtual neighborhoods and pseudo-holomorphic curves
    Yongbin Ruan
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