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May 29 - June 3 (2000)
Gökova, Turkey

Invited speakers
D. Auroux      Y.-G. Oh      J. Bryan      B. Siebert
A. Stipsicz      P. Ozsvath      R. Gompf      R. Fintushel
Y. Eliashberg      R. Matveyev      B. Ozbagci      A. Bertram
D. Freed      P. Feehan      G. Mikhalkin      I. Smith
R. Donagi      J. Sawon      B.-L. Wang      G. Matic
A. Petrunin      S. Salur           

Scientific Committee : G.Tian, R.Stern, C. Vafa, R.Kirby, S.Akbulut

Organizing Commitee : T. Onder, T. Dereli, S. Kocak, S. Finashin

This conference is sponsored by International Symposium Program of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Council).

List of talks:
Aaron Bertram Counting rational curves and localization
Justin Sawon TQFT and hyperkähler geometry
Rozansky and Witten proposed a 3-dimensional sigma-model whose target space is a hyperkahler manifold. They conjectured that this theory has an associated TQFT, with Hilbert spaces given by certain cohomology groups of the hyperkähler manifold. On the other hand, there is a certain modified TQFT constructed by Murakami and Ohtsuki using the universal quantum invariant. We explain how the Rozansky-Witten TQFT can be obtained from the latter by applying a "hyperkähler weight system"
Yong-Geun Oh Floer theory and geometry of Lagrangian submanifolds
Grigory Mikhalkin Decomposition into pairs of pants in higher dimensions
A useful tool to study Riemann surfaces (complex 1-manifolds) is their decomposition into pairs of pants. Each pair of pants is diffeomorphic to CP1 minus 3 points. In my talk I show that any hypersurface in a toric variety admits a similar decomposition. The higher-dimensional version of a pair of pants is CPn minus (n+2) hyperplanes. The first interesting example is a decomposition of a quintic surface in CP3 (an irreducible 4-manifold) into 125 "pairs of pants".
Aaron Bertram Counting rational curves and localization II
Dan Freed The Verlinde algebra revisited
Sema Salur Special Lagrangian submanifolds
Peter Ozsvath Holomorphic discs and 3-manifold invariants
Gordana Matic Tight contact structures and taut foliations
Denis Auroux Symplectic maps to projective spaces and applications
Ron Donagi G-bundles, hyperkähler manifolds, and stringy Hodge numbers
Jim Bryan Multiple covers, BPS states, and integrality in Gromov-Witten theory
The Gromov-Witten invariants of Calabi-Yau 3-folds have been conjecturally related to the numbers of certain BPS states in M-theory by the formula of Gopakumar and Vafa. By computing the contributions of multiple covers of a rigid curve in the 3-fold to the Gromov-Witten invariants, we study and verify this conjecture in series of natural cases. This also sheds light on the relationship between the Gromov-Witten invariants and the enumerative geometry of the 3-fold.
Bernd Siebert The symplectic isotopy problem
Burak Ozbagci Commutators, Lefschetz fibrations and the signatures of bundles
Andras Stipsicz Lefschetz fibrations: properties and applications
Sergey Finashin Exotic knottings of surfaces in CP2
Robert Gompf Topologically characterizing symplectic manifolds
Ivan Smith Lefschetz fibrations and the moduli space of curves
Paul Feehan Non-abelian monopoles and Four-manifold invariants
Rostislav Matveyev Lefschetz fibrations on S1xM3

The participants of 7th Gökova Geometry - Topology Conference (other photos)

Table of contents of the proceedings

  1. Symplectic maps to projective spaces and sypmlectic invariants
    Denis Auroux
  2. Evidence for a conjecture of Pandharipande
    Jim Bryan
  3. G-bundles on abelian surfaces
    Jim Bryan, Ron Donagi and Conan Leung
  4. Surface bundles: some interesting examples
    Jim Bryan, Ron Donagi and Andras Stipsicz
  5. Knotting of algebraic surfaces
    Sergey Finashin
  6. The canonical class of a 4-manifold
    Ronald Fintushel and Ronald Stern
  7. The Verlinde algebra is twisted equivariant K-theory
    Daniel S. Freed
  8. The topology of symplectic manifolds
    Robert E. Gompf
  9. On the tautological ring of
    Tom Graber and Ravi Vakil
  10. Floer homology and its continuity for non-compact Lagrangian submanifolds
    Yong-Geun Oh
  11. Topological quantum field theory and hyperkähler geometry
    Justin Sawon
  12. Torus fibrations on symplectic four-manifolds
    Ivan Smith
  13. Sections of Lefschetz fibrations and Stein fillings
    Andras Stipsicz
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