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May 27 - June 1 (2002)
Gökova, Turkey

Invited speakers

K. Fukaya      D. Joyce      E. Zaslow
S. Nemirovski      J.H. Rubinstein      D. Auroux
M. Hutchings      A. Klemm      M. Gross
I. Smith      R. Thomas      E. Ionel
A. Petrunin      G. Mikhalkin      R. Matveyev
R. Sjamaar      J. Sawon      B. Ozbagci
T. Etgu      S. Salur      M. Symington
N. Shirokova           

Scientific Committee : G. Tian, R. Stern, C. Vafa, R. Kirby, Y. Eliashberg, S. Akbulut

Organizing Commitee : T. Onder, T. Dereli, S. Kocak, S. Finashin

This conference is sponsored by International Symposium Program of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Council).

The participants of 9th Gökova Geometry - Topology Conference

Table of contents of the proceedings

  1. Fiber sums of genus 2 Lefschetz fibrations
    Denis Auroux
  2. Galois symmetry on Floer cohomology
    Kenji Fukaya
  3. Affine Manifolds, Log Structures, and Mirror Symmetry
    Mark Gross, Bernd Siebert
  4. U(1)-invariant special Lagrangian 3-folds in C^3 and special Lagrangian fibrations
    Dominic Joyce
  5. Adjunction inequality and coverings of Stein surfaces
    Stefan Nemirovski
  6. On cofinite subgroups of mapping class groups
    Mustafa Korkmaz
  7. A monopole homology for integral homology 3-spheres
    Weiping Li
  8. Polyhedral approximations of Riemannian Manifolds
    Anton Petrunin
  9. Comparing open book and Heegaard decompositions of 3-manifolds
    J. Hyam Rubinstein
  10. Abelian fibred holomorphic symplectic manifolds
    Justin Sawon
  11. Symplectic surgeries from singularities
    Ivan Smith and Richard Thomas
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